Everyday Kitchen for Kids cover
Welcome, Kitchen for Kids fans! The internationally best-selling cookbook adds a new member
of the family,
Everyday Kitchen for Kids!
The new cookbook picks up right where the first book left off, introducing kids to 100 new recipes for creating beautiful and delicious foods – all by yourselves.
We want to show everyone what you made from the books. Ask an adult to help you snap a photo of your favourite recipe and send it to us at kitchenforkids@hotmail.com!
Send as many as you like! We’ll post them on Facebook.
When you send us your photo(s) be sure to tell us your first name, age, city or town, country, the name of the recipe and why you liked it so much!
Whether you made a meal-time dish, snack or sweet treat, we’ll be proud to show your creation to inspire other young cooks around the world. Check our facebook logo page often to see what other kids are making from the best-selling cookbooks!

kitchen for kids cover
First cookbook from
Jennifer Low